Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Be all.

It is days of rest that I feel most inspired to write. Once again I feel a little like a housewife. Fresh tea, books read, a desire to cook a wholesome meal, classical music, quieted soul. Joy. Rest. Perhaps in my mind I associate rest with the duties of caring for a home and whatever other living things that happen to wander across the wooden threshold of my (fingers crossed) mountain home. I know that somewhere out there a housewife is screaming..."rest ? You associate rest with the art of housewifery ?!" I know there will be many hectic days, but if I can at least have a few like these... What a blessing that would be! Oh the things that I dream of.... If The Lord wills, that is. It was a year ago that I began to write freely and fully;  an expression of bravery, a gift driven out of the very tree on which Love died for me.  For this, I want nothing less than Christ. If the Lord wills... I pray this over my life. Spirit knows full well and joins in prayer where words cannot hold enough power. Heart, listen to wisdom. Mind, be quieted as Spirit speaks to Heart and causes peace to resound in symphony. Feet, dance about in rejoice- song of light-hearted assurance. Father God, I invite you into rhythm with this life that you have gifted to me. How could I not invite you into your very own creation? Be welcome. Be full. Be all.